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Pure Herbs: Ol' Number 11 (Ol'#11) - 4 oz.

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Product Description

4 oz. Ol' Number 11 (Ol'#11) - For support and maintenance of joint health.*


COMBINATION: Black Walnut HullGreen GingerIndian TobaccoMarshmallowMulleinScullcapStone RootWhite Oak Bark

Contains: Walnuts


Also available in 1 oz. size


The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by a licensed physician. You should consult a physician regularly in all matters and especially in matters of diagnosis, treatment or cure of diseases or other physical or mental conditions.

*This product has not been evaluated by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Warning: Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, consult your doctor prior to use. Discontinue use and consult with your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

NOTICE: All Pure Herbs liquid dietary supplements are extracted using distilled water and neutral grain spirits.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Retina - Macular Hole 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    Oct. 29, 2009 “We had a client that had a macular hole through all layers of her retina. She had lost her central vision and her eyesight was very, very poor. Her doctor told her the gel in her eye was too thick behind the retina and was pulling, which had created a hole in her retina. The medical solution was surgery: remove all the gel, put in a gas bubble and she would have to stay face down for one to three weeks. I called to get advice from an herbalist friend and Naturopathic Doctor and he said to get the ‘drain’ open and move the obstruction with Sanicle. Use Sanicle to also remove the blockage of dead cells, so the gel will thin. Take Vitamin A & D for the dryness of the eyes and to push the dead cells out. Also use Wood Betony for better circulation to the eyes. In addition we used Ol’ Number 11 to try to repair the hole in the retina and Arnica on the eyelids to remove any trauma. We also used R.S.T.-C for scar tissue (we think this all started from an injury) and Bilberry to rebuild the eye. After three months our client went back to see her Doctor
    and he said she no longer needs surgery! We are still working on improving her vision. Her central vision has gone from black to blurry, a slow progress, but vision is returning.” -

  2. Blood Pressure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    January 21, 2008:"I have a remarkable experience to share. I had company coming over, so I cleaned the bathroom with a cleaner
    containing bleach. Also, I had just finished painting a wall. Additionally, I burnt a cheap candle that within minutes I knew was
    putting out poisonous fumes.Anyways, I started getting a headache that night and by the next day I knew I was in trouble. My blood pressure
    shot up, my head was hurting and the back of my neck seemed pinched or out of sync. I put off going to the Chiropractor. I felt like I was close to having a stroke. The next day I called my herbal practitioner, Pat. She suggested Herbal Adjustment to bring down my blood pressure, which it did, and Ol’ Number 11 to use to help rid poisons from chemicals (Ol’ Number 11 contains Indian Tobacco which
    is a poison antidote). I had to use both to keep the blood pressure down. I also took Vitamin C and Gotu Kola every few hours and was doing fairly well. I also had read in my Natural RX for Healing book that if you think you have had chemical poisoning that it was crucial to take Calcium/Magnesium. I took that and it finished the stages of recovery.
    I am so thankful because I feel like I came very close to having a serious stroke. I usually take T.-W after I get a permanent or feel like I did the last few days, but I was out so I’m glad to find two other products that had similar results. My neck is now fine
    and I thank God for his natural remedies." —

  3. Ran Over Cat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    November 7, 2008: "I have a 20 year old cat that I accidentally ran over with the van. I was heart sick. I rushed her to the vet’s office to have her put down, but the vet said she might recover, although her age was against her. She gave her a shot to
    reduce swelling and some pills. I also immediately began applying Ol’ Number 11, Arnica, Indian Tobacco and M.Y.O.-C. to her
    legs hip and spine. When the bottle of Ol’ Number 11 ran out I used Big Five plus two. I decided to try Five Oils on her and within
    24 hours she was trying to walk on her leg. Two weeks had passed and she was steadily improving and then her kidneys shut down. It had been 24 hours and she still could not go. Usually if I applied Indian Tobacco and Five Oils to her stomach she could urinate, but not now. I figured there was too much internal damage, but then I decided to try KID.-W. I rubbed three droppers full on to her stomach and put one dropper in her water. In 30 minutes time she was able to relieve
    herself. Now when I fill her water dish I put 4 drops of KID.-W in it and she has been going ever since. She is now able to get out of her
    cage, climb off the porch and up the bank in front of the house to lay in the sun. I am so excited about what these products did for her and are doing for my family." —

  4. Cat has Auto-Immune Problem 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    August 23, 2008: "I have a testimonial about how I used your Ol' Number 11 and Myrrh to get my cat well. He is seven years old and has had an auto-immune problem since he was a kitten. He came to us very sick with a lot of parasites. When the parasite problem was cleared up he started having problems with swelling usually in the pad on one paw. The Vet said it was his immune system from being so sick and that they would have to give him cortisone shots a few times a year. I decided against the shots and for the last few years I have been letting his body fight it on its own with the help of Pure Herbs extracts. I started by using A.M.F.-W. He has been doing better, but a few weeks ago his back paw swelled up again and it went further up into his foot. It was really noticeable so I decided to use Myrrh and Ol' Number 11 and within a couple of days he was running around and using his paw the way God intended. He went outside into the yard and ended up with a picker in his chin that got infected, so I cleared that up by applying Myrrh to his chin and after I applied it to his foot. I kept applying all the above products for a week just to make sure everything healed up all the way. My cat didn't mind the application after he realized it was helping him. He is happy and healthy and I didn't have to worry about nasty side effects from cortisone shots or the expensive Vet treatments. Thank you so much!"--

  5. Adopted Baby 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    ―We were contacted by the agency from whom our two girls had come to us saying they had a six week old baby boy, but he had some very serious health issues having been born of a cocaine addicted mother who also had syphilis. He was one month premature, was on a feeding tube and heavily medicated. The doctors said his liver was enlarged and that he would have liver disease. Also his spleen wasn‘t working. The syphilis had reached the brain and the doctors said to expect him to be retarded. The agency understood if we did not want him, but asked if we would consider taking him home as foster parents and give us time to think about adoption. At eight weeks we brought him home from the hospital and were shocked at how horrible he looked. He was completely yellow and covered with painful oozing blisters. I called Jonny Yaden and told her the details and tearfully choked out one question, ‗Is there anything we can do to help him?‘ Jonny gave us some herbal suggestions and some very common sense lifestyle suggestions like daily sunshine and keeping him close to my body with a front/back sling so he could feel the love. We gave him a full spectrum flora. We also gave him drops of A.C.S., Wild Rose Hips, Three Bee‘s, Catnip, Fennel, Chamomile, and Ol‘ Number 11 alternating with a combination of P.A.K, C..C..E..-W, Olive Leaf, Indian Tobacco, Can-sol, Garlic and Plantain. These were also put in his bottle. To his blistered skin we applied a mixture of Five Oils, Vitamin E and Vitamins A & D. After about 3 1/2 months I took him to visit the nurses at the Infectious Disease unit who had been worried that he wouldn‘t make it. They couldn‘t believe it was the same baby. In between four and five months both the Infectious Disease doctors and his liver specialist doctor released him saying there was no sign of liver disease or infection. Also, at this time the children‘s special staff who do home visits came to observe him. They said, --There is nothing wrong with this baby. . . In fact he is about two months ahead of his skills.‘ They stopped their visits. We are so grateful to God for the gift of health for our newly adopted son and for the assistance of Jonny and the wonderful provision of Pure Herbs extracts. One day he will know how God used His healers to give him a new life."

  6. Hives 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    August 20, 2008
    "I had hives this summer and the only thing that gave me any relief was Ol' Number 11. I used a Q-tip and dotted each area with the
    Ol' Number 11 and applied it twice. By the next day it was 2/3 better. After three days most areas dried up. New little bumps would appear occasionally because of the terrible heat in humid Kentucky. But, again with each spot I applied the Ol' Number 11 and it would help clear it up quickly. I also used Red Clover Blended internally, which I think helped clean and purify my blood. Thank you for such a great product." --

  7. Pain 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    August 6, 2006: "I have been a Certified Natural Health Professional for approximately two years and have been actively using Pure Herbs for about six years and recommend them for all of my clients. Although, I recommend regularly Big Five plus Two (product is now discontinued) for pain and use it myself. I have never actually used a poultice. My CNHP, Teresa McCurry had told me to try it and I did. I have had a herniated disk for at least ten years and have learned to compensate by chiropractor visits when necessary, but especially by not lifting heavy objects and sleeping a certain way. I do not condemn people for using drugs, but have learned that pain pills numb my brain and not the pain! For approximately a month, I have had Sciatica pain. It was so bad for weeks that when I stood up from a sitting or lying down position I wanted to scream. This caused me to nurse it and therefore I stopped exercising which was not a good thing. It seemed that the Big Five plus Two (product is now discontinued) wasn't touching the pain for any length of time. I've had the disk problem for over 20 years and although chiropractic adjustments were the only thing that gave me relief, I had to stop going because of a lapse in my insurance. I finally decided to take Teresa's advice and applied the Big Five plus Two first and then made a poultice with a gauze square soaked in Ol' Number 11 (4OLN). I covered the poultice in clear food wrap (saran wrap) to seal it, rather than tape. Two days of poultices, changed every twelve hours, stopped the pain completely. I am now able to move without pain and I am back to exercising, which is one of my main preventatives for such things. I am so encouraged by this that I am telling everyone! Once again, thanks to Pure Herbs for making available the wonderful resources that God intended for us to use! Blessed by your products!" --

  8. Detached Retina 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    March 9, 2006: “Tuesday, March 28th began as any other day as I went off to work for hospice as a registered nurse. My vision seemed different to say the least. I've worn glasses or contacts since I was very young. I've also had sinus problems for many years. Too many to count! I haven't always had the best diet, but I have used herbs and nutrition for past health issues. This was one of those times when I thought I could get away with eating and drinking the more mainstream fare. Little did I know of the troubles that were about to ensue. My vision seemed to dim, to say the least, and by mid-afternoon, I knew I had a big problem. I had emergency surgery for a detached retina. I was devastated by the loss of vision. I knew this would be quite a program I was embarking on to clean out my eyes and sinuses. My journey would not be a passage easily remedied for the faint-hearted or average layperson. I would spare no expense to strengthen what I had allowed a surgeon to repair. I started with digestion and chose gentian, along with a bowel program to cleanse and strengthen the bowel. I added E.-W (80 drops 4x/day) to repair both eyes, since eyes are sympathetic. I also took Bilberry, Formula Three, Dandelion Leaf, Purple Loosestrife, Ol' Number 11, Gingko Combination and Protein to strengthen and nourish my eyes. In addition I rubbed Arnica, a drop or two of Peppermint Oil (for oxygenation) and R.S.T.-C on my forehead and on my temples. I also took R.S.T.-C internally (80 drops 3x/day). I also took Vitamin E with Selenium and Vitamins A & D internally and rubbed on externally for oxygenation. I also took digestaids and 'perfect eyes' from Nature's Sunshine. I added Black Cohosh and C.C.E.-W for days when I felt I needed extra help. I rubbed Chickweed around my eye area on days when I felt my vision was cloudy. Finally, I added SI.-W to my herbal program when I realized that sinus problems affect hearing and vision. I have lived in such a fast-paced life for the last several years and am guilty, as is the majority of society, for reaching for convenience. As for my therapeutic program, I knew my diet had to be the very best it could be so my bowel and sinuses would not reabsorb putrefied toxins. I made sure I took in 'real food' and green drink at every meal. This has been a journey I would never have chosen (yet, ultimately I did, didn't I?) and one I won't soon forget. We all have to take responsibility for the roads we travel and why should I be any different. Hopefully, we're paying attention to the signs along the way. Today, my vision is better (I'm legally able to drive with the eye) and I believe it will continue to increase with each day. I've always loved sunrises, sunsets and beautiful flowers. I include nature's scenery daily as part of my healing journey. Life is awesome!!!" -

  9. Knee Damage 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    "January 2006, I didn't fall, but I did give myself a hard twist to keep from falling. Mid January I went for an MRI to see what damage I had done. The MRI showed a severe bulge at L3, 4 & 5 with nerve entrapment, knee damage which was medial meniscus and torn ligaments. I went back for another MRI in September and it showed a mild disc bulge at L3, but no nerve entrapment. The medial meniscus tear and ligaments were showing signs of healing and there was no inflammation. My program consisted of DSK., CA.-W, B.D.R.-C and Ol Number 11 all taken internally, one tsp. two times per day. Some days I would take the herbs three to four times per day to relieve the discomfort. I also juiced fresh vegetables every morning and drank 12 oz a day. I applied Vitamin E, Arnica Oil Blend, DSK., CA.-W, Ol Number 11 and B.D.R.-C topically to the spine and knee at night just before going to bed. For the first two months I walked with a cane because of the discomfort in the right leg. I went to the chiropractor one time per week for the first two months and than one time per month thereafter. I also had therapeutic massages once every two weeks for two months and then one time per month. After six to eight weeks I could tell the swelling in the disc was better and not pinching my nerves anymore. I still take three droppers full of the above formulas two times a day and probably will the rest of my life. The doctors told me that at my age (63) that the body would not heal. I proved them wrong! Every Monday evening I tap dance with our daughter and granddaughter. There is no pain in the back or in my knee! A good herbal program is powerful if you are committed to heal your body without surgery or drugs, no matter what age you are! Thank you Pure Herbs for your high quality products!"

  10. Crushed Heel 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2013

    September 27, 2006: “My friend, Bob, fell off a ladder and crushed his heel on a Friday evening. I suggested he wrap it with Ol’ Number 11 until he could see a doctor. On Monday the doctor took an x-ray and told him he crushed his heel in a million pieces. He scheduled him for a Cat Scan on Thursday and surgery on Saturday. Saturday morning while waiting to be pre-oped for surgery, the Doctor told him he didn’t need the surgery after all. He said, ‘You sure heal well for a 50-year-old man. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I can’t explain how all those crushed, fragmented pieces somehow went back into place.’ Bob wrapped his heel with Ol’ Number 11 and took 40 drops 3x/day by mouth.” –

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