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Pure Herbs Sanicle 1 oz. Clean Arteries

  • Sanicle 1-ounce
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Product Description

BODILY INFLUENCES: The American herbal practitioner, Jethro Kloss, in his monumental work "Back to Eden," aptly describes Sanicle in this manner: "This is one of the herbs that could be called a cure-all, because it possesses powerful cleansing and healing virtues both internally and externally." Sanicle's great strength includes its uncanny ability to seek out and find anything which needs correcting and works on that area first which needs it most. It also deserves distinction as a "thinking herb." In other words, if you've got it, Sanicle will find it and fix it, whether it is in the reproductive organs, brain, nervous system, lungs, throat, urinary system or elsewhere.

Sanicle is a bulldozer and builder. There may be temporary discomfort when Sanicle contacts an unwanted obstruction, but it is your reassurance that Sanicle has scored a direct hit. Skin disorders, tumors (also brain tumors), and all manner of morbid material are resolved by Sanicle. Prolapsis of the uterus (fallen uterus), melancholy (due to toxins), thin mother's milk, morning sickness, diabetes, bee stings, and intermittent fever indicate general categories of its ubiquitous (seemingly everywhere) application.

DOSAGE: 40 drops two to three times per day. If brain tumor also apply to entire scalp, back to neck and temples. Rub one tablespoon into the scalp at night and wear a shower cap. Wash off in the morning. During day rub Herbal Adjustment into scalp 3 times per day.


Also Available in 4-ounce size (the better bargain).


August 13, 2004 "My name is Irene Bottelo. My father is 81 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His PSA was 4.8. After six months of being on the following herbal supplements: Red Clover Blended, Sanicle, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Una De Gato, Sutherlandia, Barleylife and Herbal Fiber Blend, his PSA is now 0.8 and his medical doctors can't believe it! My father also takes DB.8-W, Five Good, Three Bees and KID-W for his diabetes, which is now under control. We are happy to be able to buy the best herbs on the market from Pure Herbs, Ltd. Thank you very much for helping people to stay healthy and avoid surgery in many cases." --Irene Bottelo, McAllen, TX 956-631-7210

February 18, 2008:  "My husband had a corn on one of his toes that was pea shaped and was very sore.  He was keeping cotton between his toes to keep from rubbing.  Knowing that  Sanicle
sometimes helps to dissolve growths of tumors I thought why not try it on this!  I put  Vitamin E
(a small amount) on a band aid, then three drops around the sore.  By the end of the week, the
only thing that was left was a tiny scab.  I only applied it twice and his foot felt so much better.  We are so grateful to your company for offering quality products that work so quickly."--Bonnie R., KY

May 12, 2008

"I had to write and let you know how blessed we are. In September of
last year, my husband had a suspicious chest x-ray (Sept.), followed by
a CT Scan (Oct.) and finally a PET Scan (Nov.). Immediately after the
chest x-ray, I ordered every herb pertaining to lungs and started my
husband on the internal and external regiment. When he went for the PET
Scan in late November, the report said there was ‗NO‘
abnormality. . .AMEN!!! Herbs like, Red Clover Blended, Lapacho,
Sanicle, Whole Apricot, Una De Gato, Five Good, Inkberry, Wild Cherry
Bark, Sweet Root, Yarrow and D.-W and several more have truly been
‗Life Savers‘ and of course, prayer. I also, at the same
time, was told I could have 70% blockage in my heart. Well, I started
my H.T. Comb (heart tonic) and C.S.-W right away. When I went for an
arteriogram, that Doctor came out and told my family, ‗She has a pretty
heart‘. Thank God for our blessings. We continue a daily
maintenance to ensure wellness. Thank you Pure Herbs for life-saving
products. I always tell everyone that complains, ‗there‘s an
herb for that‘. I also have to thank Ann Sullivan, she is
very knowledgeable and she has helped me greatly in finding out what I
needed to help take care of my problems."
—M.S., Jasper, AL

Oct. 29, 2009 “We had a client that had a macular hole through all layers of her retina. She had lost her central vision and her eyesight was very, very poor. Her doctor told her the gel in her eye was too thick behind the retina and was pulling, which had created a hole in her retina. The medical solution was surgery: remove all the gel, put in a gas bubble and she would have to stay face down for one to three weeks. I called to get advice from an herbalist friend and Naturopathic Doctor and he said to get the ‘drain’ open and move the obstruction with Sanicle. Use Sanicle to also remove the blockage of dead cells, so the gel will thin. Take Vitamin A & D for the dryness of the eyes and to push the dead cells out. Also use Wood Betony for better circulation to the eyes. In addition we used Ol’ Number 11 to try to repair the hole in the retina and Arnica on the eyelids to remove any trauma. We also used R.S.T.-C for scar tissue (we think this all started from an injury) and Bilberry to rebuild the eye. After three months our client went back to see her Doctor
and he said she no longer needs surgery! We are still working on improving her vision. Her central vision has gone from black to blurry, a slow progress, but vision is returning.” -Herb House, S.S., Covington, IN


July 1, 2010 “My eight year old dog developed some swelling on her gum above her tiny front teeth. It persisted for several months. When I took her to my vet, he said that it was an indication that there was something wrong with her tooth. I had a hard time believing that, since her teeth and gums were in excellent condition. She has no tartar or gingivitis because she eats a raw diet and thus chews through bones that are nature’s toothbrush. So I got an appointment with one of the two canine dentists in the Chicago area for a second opinion. The canine dentist told me that the swelling was a benign growth that older dogs often get and her teeth looked like those of a three year old dog! The vet did not want to put my dog under anesthesia to remove such a small growth, and I was not inclined toward this as my dog has never been put under except when she was sprayed at five months. She has never had her teeth cleaned by a vet. So I decided to try Sanicle on her gum.

Every day for a week, I dribbled Sanicle over the swollen gum and my dog licked up what dribbled into her mouth. At the end of the week, I noticed that the swollen growth was hanging on by a thread, and that the thread was darker than the rest of the growth. The next day, it was gone and only healthy tissue remained. It seemed to me that the Sanicle had cut off the blood supply to the growth so that it finally just died off. Another victory for herbal treatment!” -M.M., Chicago, IL


December 18, 2009 “After a routine mammogram in July 2008 it was determined that I needed to have a biopsy or remove a ‘suspicious spot’ that was indicated on the mammogram. I endured much scolding (to put it mildly) for declining their request to schedule myself for surgery ASAP. My response to the doctors was to wait until late springtime for another testing and decide what was necessary at that time. I was told waiting could be very dangerous, but I stood my ground. I starting taking Chuchuhuasi (80 drops 3x/day). I used a total of three 4oz. bottles. One week later I added Red Clover Blended (80 drops 3x/day) and used three bottles. I also added Sanicle (80 drops 3x/day). In November I added CST.-M (54 drops 2x/day) and I used a total of five bottles and dropped down on the Sanicle to 54 drops 2x/day. I used a total of seven bottles of Sanicle. I also had applied Sanicle nightly on the area of my breast that was indicated on the mammogram. In May 2009, my doctor agreed on an MRI if I would consent to a routine mammogram later in the year. The MRI showed no indication of anything suspicious and the diagnosis was dismissed. I have told anyone who will listen that prayer and Pure Herbs worked a miracle. Now, the best part. . .On Nov. 18th I went for my routine mammogram and consultation with the doctor (breast surgeon). She (the doctor) told me that she was turning me loose, no need to see her again and that she had never seen anything like it before. The mammogram showed nothing at all where the ‘suspicious spot’ had been. She said that whatever had been there must have been absorbed back into the body. Hmmmmm.” —J.G., Felicity, OH

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