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Click the button below to add the MagNascent™ is packaged in 1 oz. glass, dark amber bottles. Each drop provides 200 mcg of nascent iodine which is the RDA for an adult. Store in a cool, dry place. to your wish list.

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MagNascent™ is packaged in 1 oz. glass, dark amber bottles. Each drop provides 200 mcg of nascent iodine which is the RDA for an adult. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Can you help me answer this question: What is the difference between Lugol’s and yours.


Hi   Yes that is a very good question. Lugol's is iodine in the elemental form, and also the ion form. You can take a little with no problem, but very much a few drops and you need many supplement minerals because Lugol's drains out of the body in the urine and takes minerals with it. It really cost a lot more and does only limited good. Magnascent iodine is in the nascent state of iodine. It is the iodine atom in a consumable form. Science has known for over a hundred years that this is the state of iodine that really works for you but they have never known ho to put it into a consumable state before. We hold the patent to that process. If you visit our web site Magnascent.com you can see some of the studies and testimonials from doctor and laymen on how many illnesses our product works on. If Lugol's could do that no one would go to the trouble of putting iodine into the nascent state. Even if 50 times as much Lugol's could do the work but it can't.  I hope this helps  John Brookshire


Thank you very much.  One more little question about Edgar Cayce’s Atomadine???? I think it’s called.  Is this similar at all or the same answer?


Hi That's a little harder. In 1931 when EC met Dr. Sunkar A. Bisey, Bisey was already making Atomidine, which stood form the Atomic state of Iodine actually the Nascent state or Iodine atom. Cayce said in trance "it could be better". So Bisey arranged for reading 358-1. He was given the suggestion that we base our process on although we made many changes to made it more effective cost and production wise. When Bisey said he could not afford to do 358-1, Cayce gave 358-2 the next day which  is a much weaker cheaper method but even that Bisey would not do. They did become good friends and Cayce recommended Bisey's product many times. Some folks were doing something similar to 358-2 before me but I must have been the first to do 358-1 or if someone did it they never understood it or told the world about it.  John Brookshire


The correct procedure for using Magnascent Iodine is as follows: Put one or two ounces of water in a glass and, using the dropper provided, drop the desired number of drops into the water. Drink the resulting mixture within a few minutes. The mixture becomes activated when the iodine is dropped into the water and is active for the next few hours inside the human body.

Our iodine is best taken mixed in water only (not juice or other liquids) and taken 15 to 20 minutes before meals or on an empty stomach. Each drop of 1% Magnascent Iodine equals 0.2 milligrams of iodine. This is approximately equal to the daily recommended allowance for the average adult. Our 2% Magnascent iodine has twice as much iodine in the same amount of liquid.Each drop contains 0.4 milligrams of iodine.

This is our recommendation for a person using our iodine as a health supplement in order to get the minimum iodine needed for healthy body functioning. If you, like many others here in the U.S., feel that you are deficient in iodine, 5 drops of 1% Magnascent Iodine is one milligram and will help correct the level of iodine in the body of one who is deficient in iodine. For efficient use of Magnascent iodine, we recommend that you divide your dosage of iodine into two or three doses per day, rather than just one large dose. This is because the body uses it for a period of two to three hours before it loses the nascent state; therefore, dividing up the amount gives it a longer time to be active in the body.

We cannot give individual medical advice on how this iodine can be used. We cannot give the amounts to take for treatment of various health conditions, but we will relay what other doctors have found to be effective, and your healthcare provider can assist you based on that. Many people find it useful to swish the solution around in the mouth before swallowing to assist with healthy gums. Taking it in the evenings may interfere with your sleep.


Mixing the product in juice or other liquids may cause the iodine to be ineffective in the nascent state and negate the purpose for taking nascent iodine. Our iodine starts as a tincture with the iodine simply a molecule, but after going through the magnetic field for a long period of time, several in the scientific community have shown that it is active in the nascent state, which is an iodine atom. Because the thyroid must put iodide into the nascent state prior to being used, there would be no advantage if we included an iodide in our supplement. As Dr. Richard Bleil has shown:


Ultimately, nascent iodine has two major advantages over nutritional, elemental or other forms of iodine such as Lugol's solution. The first is the physical phenomenon of diffusion. A vast majority of the body's iodine is stored in the thyroid, and, as such, the iodide ion has a steep gradient to overcome for diffusion to occur. While the body is well designed to fight this gradient, the simple fact is that nascent iodine is not affected by it. Thus, nascent iodine should be able to diffuse readily and easily into the thyroid without input of additional energy or mechanisms by the body to do so. This has the potential of increasing the speed with which nascent iodine acts within the body.


Our product can be used topically, on the surface of the skin, for skin abrasions.


Ingredients: Alcohol, Iodine.

Iodine Uses

1. Radiation Exposure

Potassium iodine has been used to help individuals exposed to radiation by reducing the harmful accumulation of radioactive substances in the thyroid. However, It has been said that nascent Iodine may be 4-7 times more effective thanpotassium iodide and is much safer to use.

2. General Use as a Sterilizing Agent

Almost all sterilization products for the body have iodine. It is a wonderful wound cleaner, and has even been used to purify water in tablet or liquid form.

3. Preventing Goiter

Irritation of the throat area and thyroid gland is known as a “goiter”. To prevent this condition, it is suggested to take the daily recommended amounts of a nascent iodine supplement to boost overall thyroid health.

4. Boosting Metabolism

Due to improper thyroid function, metabolism of the body may slow down. Supplementing with nascent iodine may help ensure the smooth functioning of the thyroid gland, which in turn helps regulate the metabolism. It can also aid the body in keeping warmth, steadying the heart rate, maintaining a health body weight, and promoting overall digestive health. 

5. Harmful Organisms

A nascent iodine solution can be used to assist the body in fighting off harmful organisms. Using an iodine tonic as a throat gargle is also helpful for a cough. Iodine also acts as an expectorant of mucous from the common cold and other respiratory ailments.

6. Breast Health

Much research is currently being conducted on the role of iodine in breast health and overall shape and function. Similarly, iodine is a key mineral in mother’s milk, and is passed on to children for their proper growth and development. However, most nursing mothers are extremely deficient in Iodine.

7. Ovarian Health

Again, much research confirms the link between a lack of iodine and ovarian problems, such as cysts, and reproductive ability.

8. Neurological Health

Children can suffer from mental illness and disabilities due to a lack of iodine. It is important that mothers supplement with this micronutrient as a preventative measure. 

9. Vaginitis

Iodine douches have been used to reduce vaginal irritation, itching and discharge associated with chronic yeast imbalances.

10. Eye Health

Iodine is commonly used as a treatment for a number of different eye conditions. It is also a natural protectant against UVB radiation.

11. Skin and Hair Health

Iodine is a common aid for skin conditions, such as acne, as well as hair loss. The healthy development of skin, teeth, nails and bone are all related to normal iodine levels.

12. Powerful Antioxidant







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