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September 2016 - Carpal Tunnel

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“Carpal Tunnel” type problems are considered by many practitioners to be involved with Calcium deficiencies.

  • Take internally A.C.S. (All Cells “Salts”) herbal Combination 40 to 80 drops three times per day. This helps to dissolve waste mineral deposits, putting pressure on the nerve and tendons of the wrist.
  • Apply externally to the area of the wrist joint Vitamin E Oil from capsules, and the herbal extracts of RueCalendula, Arnica, Oil of Cajeput, and Indian Tobacco three times per day. This calms pinched nerves and dissolves scar tissue. It is usually helpful if the shoulder joint area is addressed as well. Apply these same herbs to the area of the shoulder joint.

WARNING: Do not use RUE herbal extract if pregnant as it may bring on the period.

NOTE: Take care not to get Oil of Cajeput herbal extract into the eyes or on private areas as intense heat and stinging sensations can occur. Flush with water if an accident happens. No permanent harm is done, so please do not panic. Time and patience are the best remedies.

  • Practitioners have observed, that the use of 100 mg. of Vitamin B6, three times per day, can provide great relief for "Carpal Tunnel,” by relieving fluid pressure. If excessive urination, reduce the amount to 100 mg. once or twice per day. Vitamin B6 is known to have diuretic effects.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) is also helpful, for stiffness of joints and "arthritis" type problems. It helps rebuild the adrenal glands (one on top of each kidney), to boost production of natural cortisone and support the body in dealing with all manner of stress. Pantothenic Acid is also excellent to help a person with "allergy" type problems. Royal Jelly (produced by honey bees to develop a Queen Bee) is a rich source of Pantothenic Acid. Use 80 drops to 1 teaspoon of Royal Jelly herbal extract three times per day.


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